May 28, 2024

Refinancing a Commercial Real Estate Property with Essex Capital Markets: The ECM Process

Refinancing commercial real estate properties can be complex, but Essex Capital Markets (ECM) simplifies the process with expertise and a vast network of lenders. Here’s how ECM assists clients in achieving their refinancing goals:

The ECM Refinancing Process:
Preliminary Discussion: In-depth discussion about the property, investment strategy, and client goals.

Strategic Planning: Devising an appropriate strategy and selecting the best-fit lenders from ECM’s extensive network.

Lender Underwriting: Chosen lenders perform their underwriting and provide soft quotes.

Review Loan Options: ECM creates a comprehensive spreadsheet of ECM-sourced quotes that compares and highlights the intricacies and terms of each option.

Client Advisory: Sharing the matrix with the client and advising on the best option based on personal and property goals.

Execution: Once the client selects a loan option, ECM executes the refinancing with confidence and efficiency.

Why Choose Essex Capital Markets?
Vast Network of Lenders: ECM connects borrowers with a diverse range of lenders, providing numerous financing options beyond their current networks.

Unique Benefits: Clients gain access to financing options that provide more optionality than their existing lender relationships.

Inclusive Approach: ECM evaluates all commercial real estate properties and assists everyone with their refinancing needs without stringent qualification criteria.

Experienced Team: With a highly experienced and well-connected team, ECM ensures a smooth and efficient refinancing process, from initial discussions to closing the deal.

Choose Essex Capital Markets for a seamless refinancing experience backed by extensive industry knowledge and a commitment to finding the best financing solutions for your commercial real estate property.

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